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A Buyer’s Guide – Pivot Health

Step 1: Understand What’s Most Important to You What kind of benefits are you looking for? Are you going to the doctor a lot? Looking for a safety net? Protection in case of accidents or emergency? Do you need Rx drug card and copay benefits? How long would you want coverage for? Step 2: Choose […] Read more

Predicting Future Health Insurance Trends

The November 2018 election results will undoubtedly bring new opportunities to the individual health space. Voter turnout was at a record high which shows consumers are very engaged. Thirty-six percent of eligible voters voted in the 2014 mid-term election and 113 million voted in this mid-term election, that’s nearly 50% of all eligible voters. Health care was […] Read more

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Plan Recommender Tool

Find the right plan for you with our Plan Recommender Tool! Read more

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Plan Recommender Tool: Short-Term Medical Insurance

Use our free Plan Recommender Tool to find out which of our plans is right for you! Read more

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Plan Recommender Tool – HC_TYP

Find the right plan for you with our Plan Recommender Tool! Read more

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COBRA – Plan Recommender Tool

Let's find the right plan for you! Read more

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When You Can’t Get Medicaid And Can’t Afford Obamacare

Caught in the middle? If you are like millions of other Americans, you do not qualify for Medicaid, but you also can’t afford Obamacare. With or without an individual mandate that requires you to purchase health insurance, you know that you and your family really should have insurance protection. You need it to protect your […] Read more

Lost Your Obamacare Subsidy? Consider Affordable Alternative Insurance Options

The U.S. economy posted a 3% growth rate for the third quarter of 2017, marking the first time in three years that the economy grew 3% or more in back-to-back quarters, according to the Commerce Department. Economists had expected an economic slowdown, accounting for significant property damage and job losses resulting from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma […] Read more

5 Reasons to Use Telemedicine

Telemedicine is any two-way communication between a patient and a health care provider using audio and/or video technology. There are many solid reasons to use telemedicine for yourself and your family. This technology is available now to most people. If you are not already using telemedicine, you should consider it. At Pivot Health, low-cost telemedicine […] Read more

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