The Political Environment for Pivot Health Continues to Improve

Photo: Jeff Smedsrud, left, along with representatives of eHealth and the Galen Institute. Seema Verma from CMS, center. Joel White, executive director of Council for Affordable Health Coverage, right front.

I was in Washington, D.C. earlier this week to meet with Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) — the government agency that oversees Medicare, Medicaid and  She is a key Trump administration proponent of the expansion of short term medical plans. 

Although some Democrats take potshots at affordable short term medical plans (not all), there is growing bipartisan support for our types of solutions. New information from the U.S. Census reveals that some Americans with incomes above the federal poverty level are making a transition to short term medical plans, and the same Census report indicates that more Americans are getting jobs and are opting out of Medicaid.   The market is getting larger.    

In addition, our plans are getting even better.  

Our new Quantum PPO plans feature one of the nation’s largest provider networks.  And they include some industry-leading benefits. It still features our trademark simplified enrollment but the benefits are very consumer-centric. 

Please take a good hard look at our 24-month plans.  They are priced better than many other companies 36-month plans.  My personal belief — backed by emerging data — is that a 12 or 24-month plan is a better value for a consumer. Very few consumers — whether they buy short term medical plans or ACA plans — keep them for 36 months.  We live in a “gig economy” with a clear trend toward less permanent health insurance plans.  

Thanks for all you do to help Pivot Health grow.  We are a leading, fast-growing, respected company providing real solutions for consumers. Look for an announcement from us soon regarding a new coalition effort we are helping create  that will build even more bi-partisan support for free choice, more competition and support for agents and brokers.  

P.S. Think about bundling our dental plans into every short term health plan sale. It is a very popular benefit that improves persistency, adds value and increases compensation!