Together we are changing the way people think about health care, and how they buy health insurance products.

Help Drive The Future of Health Insurance

Pivot Health is a leader in short term health insurance and supplemental health insurance, which are becoming the fastest growing products in the industry thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Pivot Health offers alternative products to help consumers meet their changing needs and fill health insurance coverage gaps. The health insurance arena is in a constant state of flux as rules and regulations change. Pivot Health is continually developing and marketing new products and new opportunities.

Make Consumers Successful

In today’s marketplace individual health insurance leaves consumers with a product they don’t want, or medical bills they can’t afford. Our customers can instead pivot to popular health insurance products that save them time and money while working in their favor without the constraints of doctor networks or high out-of-pocket expenses. Our range of products allows consumers to pivot their coverage to meet their changing needs.

Solve Problems

Every good business is presented challenges and opportunities for meaningful change. No matter what capacity you serve, exciting and complex problems will be part of everyday work life. At Pivot Health, we will conquer challenges together as a team.

Promote Great Technology

Health insurance can be hard to understand, but the technology doesn’t have to be. At Pivot Health we focus on providing our customers the best user experience in the marketplace, and getting them on their way with a great insurance product they can be confident in, all in five minutes or less.

Work With People Who Care

With over 100 years of health insurance experience combined, the Pivot Health leadership team was brought together because each member has a passion for helping consumers save on their health insurance and avoid the complexities that come with enrolling in a health care product.

Take Ownership of Your Work

Originally founded as an entrepreneurial startup, Pivot Health is based on the principle that you can have fun while putting in hard work to achieve personal and company goals. Pivot Health works lean, and all team members are accountable for their own areas, contributing to the overall success of the organization.