Jeff has built and grown health insurance marketing and business companies for over 25 years, and served as a health care reform advocate for much of his career. He has provided expert testimony on health care issues before national and state committees and is frequently quoted in the media as an expert of health reform. He was also the founder of the National Association of State Comprehensive Health Plans (NASCHIP), and helped sponsor high-risk pool programs in his home state of Minnesota and beyond, to assist those denied health insurance for medical reasons.

Today in addition to serving Pivot Health, Jeff is a co-founder of Previously, Jeff was Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of The IHC Group (NYSE:IHC), a publicly traded insurance holding company. He joined IHC in March 2006 following the acquisition of his marketing companies by IHC. He was also President of IHC’s fully insured division, which he helped grow from $0 to nearly $300 million in revenue in seven years. He was the CEO of IHC Health Solutions, IHC Specialty Benefits and Independent Producers of America, and served as President of American Independence Corporation (NASDAQ:AMIC).

Jeff serves on many non-profit healthcare boards, including the Coalition of Affordable Health Coverage. Of the many small businesses he has built over the years, four were acquired by a publicly-traded company. A member of Seven Continents Club, Jeff is an active runner and one of only 200 individuals to run a marathon on all seven continents. Jeff is also a cancer survivor, charity activist and motivational speaker.