How Do Short Term and ACA Health Insurance Plans Differ?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to buying health insurance in 2019. That doesn’t necessarily make your decision easier. Two common types of coverage include short term health insurance and major medical insurance. Both provide a range of healthcare benefits to help you reduce your out-of-pocket medical spending, and both are available for […] Read more

Health Insurance Solutions for 60+ Year Olds Not Ready For Medicare

If you’re 60+ or approaching that age bracket, you probably already know that health insurance gets a lot more expensive as you get older (if it’s any consolation, that won’t be the case anymore once you turn 65 and go on Medicare, since regular Medicare rates aren’t based on your age). Under the Affordable Care […] Read more

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Short Term Health Insurance or COBRA?

These days, the high costs of health care make medical insurance an important part of your financial security. That’s why losing your health care coverage – even if for just a short time – can be a daunting prospect. Is Short Term Health Insurance Right For You? You’ll want to know available options for bridging […] Read more

What is Better For The Unemployed? Short Term Health Insurance or COBRA?

Suddenly losing your job can be alarming. One moment your life is humming along, and the next it is abruptly placed on hold. How will you pay your bills? Is there enough in your savings account to get by until you find another job? What happens when you lose your health insurance coverage? With the […] Read more


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