You make changes in your life, and Pivot Health is right there with you, moving in any direction you need to go. From health insurance products that fill a need in the short-term to supplemental insurance products that help you better afford your healthcare, Pivot Health allows you to transition through any stage of life and not be caught without health insurance coverage or suddenly facing unexpected medical bills.

About Us

At Pivot Health we’re a fast-growing team obsessed with helping you find the right insurance for your needs. Powered by, we use data and friendly customer service to design customizable products for you and your family. Our team of health insurers, financial experts, and tech geeks stay on top of the latest news and products so you stay informed and can feel confident you’re making the right decision.  Come join over 72,400 members who we help insure each month.

Earned trust

We want to help our customers trust their health insurance provider. We do this by the way we design our coverage, how we present our plans and the way we do business with our members every day.

Budget-friendly coverage options

We design products that provide you economical healthcare that make doctors and hospitals accessible to a range of customer budgets like yours.

Makes sure it fits

Our coverage isn’t for everyone and we don’t want to present plans for more than they are. Instead, we focus on displaying our plans clearly and only selling you coverage if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle.

Simple explanations

We explain our coverage in simple, non-insurance-speak as often as we can so you get a solid understanding of what our plans cover, and what they do not.

Work with trusted partners

We sell coverage directly on this site and through trusted insurance brokers. We design our plans with highly-rated health insurance companies with whom we have had long-standing relationships.

Our Story

Pivot Health is a division of, a leader in technology-enabled health insurance solutions. Its backers include AXIS Capital, CNO Financial Group, Second Alpha, and Link Ventures in addition to its original investor, PeopleFund and individual investors including current and former executives of and Priceline. The company is rated “Excellent” by its customers based on Trustpilot reviews.