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The plans offered on Pivot Health do NOT meet the essential benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

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Understanding the Benefits of Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental and vision insurance give you access to quality healthcare. Whether it’s preventative or emergency treatment, keep your smile looking nice and bright.

Dental insurance has no age limits. You can add a dental insurance plan to your financial portfolio even if you are on Medicare.

Lots of dental insurance plans have waiting periods. We don’t believe in making you wait to get covered. You get next day coverage for cleanings, fillings and more.

Dental insurance has low deductibles. You pay a small deductible for most services. Preventive exams and cleanings are paid at 100%.

We reward you for your loyalty. Some benefits and annual maximums increase at the beginning of the second and third coverage periods. You get more of your dental bills paid for nearly the same price.

Dental insurance and vision insurance have price stability. You don’t have to worry about drastic rate increases year after year, helping you stay on budget.

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