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The plans offered on Pivot Health do NOT meet the essential benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Trusted by our 100,000+ members BBB Rating is for Communicating for America, an association partner Pivot Health that provides non-insurance benefits for this plan. Membership not required for all states.

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At Pivot Health we’re a quickly growing team helping you find health insurance options for your needs.

Every month, we help tens of thousands of people manage their healthcare expenses. Powered by, we use data, technology, and customer service to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions.

Our team of insurers, financial experts, and tech geeks work to improve our products and buying experience so you feel confident in your insurance purchase.

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Been with Pivot Health for a while…

great alternative to extremely expensive medical care… Nice to have options!!

— Mom in Texas

I’m very happy with the knowledgeable sales staff that explains

the differences in policies which I need in this complicated world of health care!

— Rio

Sign up is fast and easy to complete online…

ID card, policy, and other information is easy to download

once you establish your online account. Thumbs up!

— Rebecca


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How Pivot Health Is Different

Designed For Flexibility

Different price points, coverage levels, and policy lengths to provide flexibility

Easy Online Enrollment

We’ve built our enrollment process and our coverage with the digital consumer in mind

Choice in Provider Networks

Choose from either an All-Access doctor network, or a PPO plan

Additional Non-Insurance Benefits

Free and unlimited telemedicine doctor consultations 24/7