Pivot Health is affiliated with Communicating for America, Inc. (CA) a non-profit, 501(c)(5) association that promotes the betterment of general health and welfare for all Americans, particularly those who are self-employed or own a small business.

CA’s mission is to:

  • Promote health, well-being and the advancement of self-employed Americans and small business owners
  • Give members the right and opportunity to set policies and goals
  • Deliver valued member benefits at the best price and of the highest quality

Association Resolutions

These Resolutions are the pillars of what CA stands for – the issues around which CA members unite to catalyze meaningful change for a strong, healthy and fair America.

Promote Family-Based Agriculture and Consumer Food Policy

Whether you are a producer, processor, wholesaler, retailer or consumer, your daily life is affected by American agriculture from the food you eat, to the clothes you wear, to the quality of life you live. CA will continue to promote an agriculture and consumer food policy that encourages and promotes the wellbeing of family farmers, ranchers and small businesses while producing abundant and healthy food for American consumers.

Expand Rural Broadband

Rural areas desperately need high-speed broadband service. For economic growth, for employment opportunities, for delivery of quality education and for new health technologies, broadband is a requirement for healthy rural communities. CA supports:

  1. State and federal government initiatives to dramatically accelerate the delivery of broadband service to rural communities.
  2. Partnerships between telecommunications businesses and rural communities to build the infrastructure to deliver broadband service.

Healthcare Equity for Rural America

Because of a shortage of providers and healthcare resources in rural areas, rural citizens are being left behind in the delivery of healthcare. CA supports:

  1. Creation of an infrastructure for efficient delivery of online health services to rural communities.
  2. Methodologies for online monitoring of rural patients and online distribution of health and wellness information.
  3. Recognition that rural communities are aging, and that new methods of healthcare delivery must be established for this aging population.
  4. Government incentive programs, such as student debt reduction, to provide pathways for healthcare professionals to practice in rural communities.
  5. Programs to deliver multi-language health services to rural communities with immigrant populations.
  6. New delivery methods to assure that behavioral and mental health services are available in rural areas faced with limited mental health resources.

Affordable Health Insurance

We encourage adjustment of the federal Affordable Care Act to reduce an unbalanced and onerous burden of rising health insurance premiums for small and mid-sized businesses. Further, CA seeks health care and health insurance programs that are administered and maintained by the private sector with legislation enacted as a guaranteed minimum standard of health care and insurance at a reasonable cost for all Americans, regardless of health or age.

Support community development

CA seeks cooperation among private organizations and all levels of government to promote community development that will enhance American family farms, ranches and small businesses, including:

  1. Supporting new uses of agricultural crops to fuel economic development.
  2. Promoting ownership and operation of agricultural land primarily by family farmers and ranchers.
  3. Providing incentives and programs for beginning farmers, ranchers, small businesses and self-employed individuals — especially in rural America.

Create Education Opportunities

CA will make every effort to preserve and improve our education system, which is a vital asset to our country. We encourage:

  1. Distance learning, apprenticeship training, and similar programs to improve the lives of our youth.
  2. Expanding international work and learning exchange programs – especially in agricultural industries — to improve the lives of our youth in America and globally.

Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

CA supports improved guest worker programs and seeks to provide pathways for legal immigration to enhance the US agricultural sector, rural business and the overall strength of the US economy. Further, CA promotes international travel and work programs as a pathway to international understanding.

Legislative Advocacy

Communicating for America regularly surveys members and other citizens about critical public policy issues, and then communicates the findings to members of Congress, state legislators, local officials and other associations, as well as to the general public through the media. These are some of the issues Communicating for America has been addressing:

Health Care and Tax Policy

CA works to ensure the implementation of the Affordable Care Act enables CA members and all self-employed and small business employees access to affordable health insurance options both inside and outside the state and federal insurance exchanges. CA promotes ideas that put affordable health insurance options within reach of self-employed individuals and small business owners and their employees.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

CA continues to work for comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens the health of the U.S. economy as well as the vitality of rural communities and American agriculture. CA supports and advocates legislation that includes effective border enforcement, increased efficiencies in current guest worker programs, and a “firm but fair” way to deal with those who are already here.

Health savings accounts

CA continues its efforts to improve consumer-driven health policies and health saving accounts, making them more affordable and accessible for individuals and small businesses.
Health care price transparency
Enforce the disclosure of hospital and provider prices and quality information to empower health consumers to make more informed decisions concerning their health care.

Alternative minimum tax reform

Change the rules of the Alternative Minimum Tax to free small businesses and individuals from this unintended tax increase affecting more people each year.

Agriculture apprentice programs and beginning farmer loan programs

Appropriate funds to support grants that could be used for agriculture apprentice programs and beginning farmer loan programs.

Better the lives of our youth

Knowing young people represent the future of America, CA supports activities that broaden opportunities for youth in all communities.

Advance senior citizen issues and rights

CA supports and endorses programs that will provide benefits to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.

Support comprehensive immigration reform

CA supports improved guest worker programs and seeks to provide pathways for legal immigration to enhance the US agricultural sector, rural business and the overall strength of the US economy. CA further promotes international travel as a further pathway to international understanding.

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