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Improved Diagnosis for the 2019 Health Insurance Market

For many Americans, the news that 2019 may be a year of health insurance market stabilization comes as welcome relief. In contrast to the tumult of the past several years with skyrocketing premium increases, mandatory tax penalties for not purchasing Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant health insurance, tightened restrictions on non-ACA compliant insurance products, and a […] Read more

The Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance Ends October 2 (Not for Everyone – Just Most People)

Officially, the Obama-era penalty for not having health insurance ends on December 31, 2018. The penalty is 2.5% of your household taxable income. For someone with $100,000 of taxable income, that would equal $2,500. But under the Affordable Care Act, an individual can go three months without having coverage and not pay the penalty. That […] Read more

Health Care Coverage Advantages: Obamacare vs Non-Obamacare Plans

More than one million Americans have already dropped the Obamacare plan that they purchased in 2018, according to a new study by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Although nearly 12 million people signed up for a plan on the marketplace exchange, only 10.6 million actually paid their first premium payment and had an […] Read more

Q&A About Short Term Medical Insurance Plans

In late 2018 Trump administration announced it had rolled-back an Obamacare-era rule that limited short term health insurance plans. In the coming months, short term medical (STM) plan coverage can be extended to 364 days and depending on individual state rules and the insurance company, extended up to 36 months in total. We spent time with […] Read more

New Health Insurance Exemptions May Help You Opt Out of Exchange Coverage

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation was enacted in 2010, one of its goals was to make affordable health insurance available to more Americans. A key, but controversial, piece of the legislation was the individual mandate clause, which required virtually everyone in the country to have ACA-compliant health insurance, or else be liable to […] Read more

Debunking Myths About Short Term Health Insurance

Last week the Trump administration announced it was proposing rolling back an Obamacare rule, allowing short term health insurance plans, also known as temporary plans, to extend coverage to 364 days instead of the current 90-day limitation on policies. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar lauded the move by the administration saying, “Americans […] Read more

How The Government Shutdown Impacts Your Health Insurance Plan

Now that the federal government has officially shut down due to an impasse in Congress to pass a budget, many federal services are not being offered and many more federal employees have been instructed not to come to work. Analysts predict 20%-65% of the government will halt operations. So what does that mean for your […] Read more

Short Term Health Plan Coverage in a Growing Gig Economy

These days, individuals are increasingly turning to self-employment, freelance jobs, consulting and contract employment opportunities, contributing to a gig economy that experts say is now growing at a faster pace than the traditional employment market. Prevalent among millennials and baby boomers, gig employment offers workers the freedom to pursue their passions and interests, the flexibility […] Read more

Short Term Medical Plans vs. High Deductible Health Plans

With the open enrollment period to purchase Obamacare coverage for 2018 in its last few days, millions of Americans are researching the plan options available to them, hoping to find a policy that best meets their benefit needs and budget. Many millions who do not qualify for subsidies may be purchasing short term health insurance […] Read more

The Battle of Health Insurance Benefits vs. Budget

Tis the season … to renew your health insurance plan. As the end of the year draws near, most of us are jumping into the not-so-festive annual event of reviewing our past health care expenses — and experiences — to determine what makes the most sense for next year’s coverage. Anyone who has done the […] Read more

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