Q&A About Short Term Medical Insurance Plans

In late 2018 Trump administration announced it had rolled-back an Obamacare-era rule that limited short term health insurance plans. Today short term medical (STM) plan coverage can be extended to 364 days and depending on individual state rules and the insurance company, extended up to 36 months in total. We spent time with Jeff Smedsrud, CEO […] Read more

New Health Insurance Exemptions May Help You Opt Out of Exchange Coverage

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation was enacted in 2010, one of its goals was to make affordable health insurance available to more Americans. A key, but controversial, piece of the legislation was the individual mandate clause, which required virtually everyone in the country to have ACA-compliant health insurance, or else be liable to […] Read more

What is Better For The Unemployed? Short Term Health Insurance or COBRA?

Suddenly losing your job can be alarming. One moment your life is humming along, and the next it is abruptly placed on hold. How will you pay your bills? Is there enough in your savings account to get by until you find another job? What happens when you lose your health insurance coverage? With the […] Read more

Why Buy Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is a health insurance alternative that fits specific needs of individuals and families who either aren’t quite ready to buy an Obamacare plan or have an immediate need for health insurance coverage in the short term. Just like individual health insurance, short term medical insurance covers doctor visits, hospitalizations, emergency care, […] Read more

Cover Health Insurance Gap Before Obamacare Plan Begins

The uninsured rate has tumbled since the start of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), but there are still 12 million uninsured Americans who are foregoing health insurance coverage. Life situations and finances are a large reason people ebb and flow on and off their state exchange or the federal marketplace every month. […] Read more

Keep Calm And Short Term Health Insurance On

Unemployment, divorce, sudden job loss, aging off a parent’s health insurance plan at 26 – life has a way of throwing curve balls once in a while, which can leave you without health insurance. The stress of finding health coverage, especially when reduced income is a factor, can be unsettling. What many do not realize […] Read more


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