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The plans offered on Pivot Health do NOT meet the essential benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

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The Benefits of Fixed Benefit Medical Insurance

Fast, convenient mobile app to find the best pricing for medical care in your area before you schedule.

Professional advocates to help make appointments, transfer medical records or answer questions.

No deductible to meet, no network requirements – just pay the final total after receiving the fixed benefit amount for services.

Access to medical bill negotiators if costs are beyond budget to get the total reduced.

Receive discounts on prescription drugs.

Free and unlimited virtual doctor visits to keep doctoring costs at $0.

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About Fixed Benefit Medical Insurance

What is Fixed Benefit Medical Insurance?

Fixed benefit medical is health insurance without a deductible. Traditional health insurance makes you pay most medical expenses out-of-pocket until you reach a certain deductible amount. Fixed benefit medical has removed the deductible barrier. Instead, you get fixed cash benefits for doctor office visits, hospital stays, lab work and more. And by working with an added benefit of a patient advocate, you know exactly what services are going to cost before going to the doctor.


Who Is The Best Candidate For Fixed Benefit Insurance?

  • Uninsured who don’t qualify for a subsidy on an ACA plan.
  • Someone wanting permanent insurance.
  • Healthy with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Someone seeking benefits with no deductible.


How Fixed Benefit Insurance Saves You Money.

  • No health insurance deductible owed.
  • Avoid paying retail rates for medical procedures.
  • Let a healthcare professional negotiate your medical costs.
  • Know what you will have to pay before any healthcare service.
  • Get paid cash for services to handle medical bills OR lost income.
  • Monthly premium rate stability.

Differences Between Permanent Insurance Plans


  • Open enrollment limited to specific months during the year unless special circumstance.
  • Generally, more expensive, but tax subsidies may reduce costs if eligible.
  • Deductible and coinsurance amounts typically included but vary.
  • Network limitations vary.
  • Referrals are typically required to see specialist.


Fixed Benefit Medical

  • Enroll at any time. 
  • Generally costs less than ACA health plans but doesn’t include ACA Essential Benefits.
  • No deductible or coinsurance requirement.
  • No networks required – see any licensed physician or facility.
  • No referrals required.

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