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No health insurance? No problem. Apply for affordable short term health insurance in minutes, and in most cases, get instant approval. Plans can last from 30 days to 364 days depending on your state, so you are never left without coverage. It’s health insurance on your terms.


Never worry about only seeing a doctor in-network. With short term insurance, see any doctor you want. There are no restrictions on which physician, urgent care center or hospital you use. It’s your choice.

Extra Benefits

Pivot Health short term medical includes low cost video consultations with board certified doctors that can diagnose and provide prescriptions in minutes, plus discount vision services and a discount prescription drug card.

This temporary health insurance product is not considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and you may be subject to the tax penalty.

Example rate listed above is based on 25-year old male living in Dallas.

NOTE: Current regulations limit the maximum length of time a short-term policy can stay in effect. Short-term coverage purchased in 2017 must end by 12/31/2017. You may reapply for new coverage once your policy ends, depending on state rules.

Obamacare vs. Short Term Health Insurance

Example Male, February 2, 1980 DOB, $50,000 Household Income

Obamacare Plan Deductible Monthly Premium
Silver $5,000 $388.29
Silver $2,750 $567.06
Short Term Plan Deductible Monthly Premium
Pivot Health $5,000 $93.41
Pivot Health $2,000 $182.84

Price difference

Annual $5,000 Obamacare Deductible vs. Short Term Health Insurance

Cost Difference: $3,538.56

Tax Penalty: $992.50

$2,546.06 Annual Savings
Buying Short Term Health Insurance Over Obamacare

† Example pricing and penalty calculations obtained from eHealth, Pivot Health, and

Why Short Term Health Insurance Is Right For You

There are many reasons why short term health insurance is an excellent choice for individuals looking for temporary coverage or an alternative to an Obamacare health insurance plan. Here’s why:

We all have life circumstances that cause us to need different types of insurance from time to time, and you want options that fit your situation and your budget.

Short term health insurance is a temporary medical insurance plan that provides important coverage to protect you from unexpected medical bills. If you are among the following, you should consider the value of a short term plan:

  • Individuals and families looking for an alternative to high-cost Obamacare plans
  • Those who miss the open enrollment period
  • Temporarily unemployed
  • Looking for COBRA alternative
  • Adult children losing coverage from a parent’s plan when they turn 26 years old
  • Recent graduates who do not have coverage under a parent’s plan
  • Employees without group health insurance coverage
  • Waiting for employer benefits to start
  • Uninsured due to life circumstances
  • Not eligible to apply for coverage on the marketplace during the special enrollment period

Don’t be caught without health insurance when unexpected sickness or injury occurs. Avoid many thousands of dollars in medical debt by applying for coverage now.

Short Term Health Insurance vs. Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

The monthly cost of health insurance plans for individuals and medical deductibles are rising every year, leaving millions without an affordable health insurance option. Short term medical plans can cost up to 50% less than Obamacare plans, and offer many of the same benefits. With a short term plan, you have a low cost health insurance option that can be purchased for one month or up to 364 days, depending on your state of residence, and provide you the financial protection you need should an unexpected medical emergency occur.

Short Term Health Insurance Can Save You Money and Provide You More Choice

Health insurance is expensive with the monthly cost and medical deductibles increasing each year.

Many people find marketplace Obamacare insurance too expensive to afford. Short term medical plans generally cost significantly less than Obamacare.

In addition, many marketplace and off-marketplace major medical insurance plans have narrow medical networks, meaning you have fewer choices of doctors and facilities to use. When you need medical care, most people want the freedom to choose where they receive care. A short term health insurance plan can offer you that freedom.

Pivot Health Answers Your Needs with our Short Term Medical plan

  • At Pivot Health, our goal is to provide products that help you pivot to meet your own individual health insurance needs today.
  • Our short term medical plans are up to 50% less than Obamacare.
  • There are no doctor or hospital network restrictions. Our short term medical plan allows you to choose where you want to receive care.
  • Qualifying is easy. Apply online in minutes and, in most cases, get instant approval. You can purchase coverage for 30 days or up to 354 days, depending on your state.
  • Coverage can start in 24 hours.

But Pivot Health goes further. In addition to the medical benefits of our short term health insurance plan, our membership package includes many benefits that help reduce everyday health care costs, and covers other expenses incurred if ill or injured. Benefits include:*

Doctor Consultations by Telephone or Video, 24/7 for only $40
Skip the waiting room and connect with a physician at a cost much lower than a standard office visit or convenient care facility.
Savings of up to 70% Off Prescription Drugs
Members can save at more than 66,000 pharmacies nationwide.
Discounts of 15%-30%
Off Eye Exams, Lenses, Frames and Contacts

Short Term Medical Insurance Benefits include:

  • Up to $1,000,000 in benefits per coverage period
  • A range of deductible choices, to meet your budget, from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Only 20% coinsurance
  • Hospitalization, surgery and medical services coverage
  • Physical therapy
  • Mental health services
  • Home health care and extended care facility
  • On select plans, separate prescription drug benefits and copays on physician visits

See our product brochure for short term medical for more information.

People Like You Need Short Term Health Insurance Coverage:

Meet Mary

  • Between jobs
  • Two children
  • In good health

It happens quite often: Mary’s job was cut unexpectedly.

She is looking for her next job right now, but until then she needs health insurance for herself and her two young children.

They are all in good health, so a few simple medical questions on the application are not problem.

Mary knows that one accident or serious illness could be financially devastating for her family.

That’s why she chose our short term health insurance plan. Affordable temporary coverage for the protection she and her family need – AND added features that are not included on other short term health insurance plans.

Example is for illustration purposes only.

* Supplemental health insurance and non-insurance benefits featured on Pivot Health are offered exclusively as membership benefits from Communicating for America, Inc. The insurance benefit is not a replacement for major medical insurance coverage.

‡ These short term medical plans do not provide coverage for preexisting conditions nor the mandated coverage necessary to avoid a penalty under the Affordable Care Act. If you don’t have minimum essential coverage that satisfies the health coverage requirement, you may owe an additional payment with your taxes.