*Coverage periods vary by state.

What is Medicare Supplement?

Medicare supplement insurance helps pay for eligible expenses not paid for by Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. The plans are federally regulated so you won’t find benefit differences between companies. What you will find with a Pivot Health plan are possible rate discounts, an easy enrollment process, and the highest level of customer service.

The Pivot Health Difference

  • Offer some of the most popular options: Plan A, Plan F*, Plan G, and Plan N
  • Household discounts on some plans.
  • Simplified enrollment can be completed in 15 minutes or less.
  • Backed by a top-rated insurance companies.

* Plan F is only available to individuals eligible for Medicare prior to January 1, 2020.


Part A

Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital care, including services received in a skilled nursing facility, and, in certain circumstances, at home. This is a federal program also referred to as basic Medicare or original Medicare.


Part B

Medicare Part B covers medical expenses such as doctor office visits, preventive services, and certain tests and screenings. This is a federal program also referred to as basic Medicare or original Medicare.



Medigap is Medicare supplement Insurance that fills “gaps” in coverage that basic Medicare does not cover. It is sold by a private insurance company and helps pay for qualified healthcare services and supplies.


Pivot Health Medicare Supplement Insurance Pays For

Pivot Health Medicare Supplement Insurance Pays For

  • All Medicare supplement insurance plans cover Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs at 100%.
  • On most plans, Medicare Part A deductible at 100%.
  • On most plans, 100% of the skilled nursing facility care daily amount  Medicare does not pay.
  • Blood benefits not covered by Medicare.
  • Emergency services outside of the U.S. covered by most plans.


Finding the right Medigap policy can be confusing and you don’t want to choose the wrong plan. We take the time to explain supplemental insurance to you in an easy to understand way. Let a Pivot Health advisor help you pick the best Medicare supplement plan for you.