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ACA enrollment availability varies by state. Short-term health insurance can be purchased at any time.

This coverage is not required to comply with certain federal market requirements for health insurance, principally those contained in the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to check your Certificate carefully to make sure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage of preexisting conditions or health benefits (such as hospitalization, emergency services, maternity care, preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health and substance use disorder services). Your Certificate might also have lifetime and/or annual dollar limits on health benefits. If this coverage expires or you lose eligibility for this coverage, you might have to wait until an open enrollment period to get other health insurance coverage.

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Healthcare is expensive. Health insurance doesn’t need to be. We help you build a health plan that works for your busy life at a price you can afford.

Pivot Health is the operating coverage unit of, and a licensed insurance agency, product marketing and development company. We strive to educate you about healthcare with in-depth information and remove pain-points that might keep you from feeling confident about your insurance purchase. At Pivot Health, we believe in transparency and invite you to ask questions online, send us an instant message, give us a call or email us for more details. No matter how you communicate, we are right there with you, assisting your decision-making process to ensure you get a health insurance plan that makes sense for your lifestyle and budget.

Plans offer coverage for a variety of medical services like doctor office visits, emergency room care, hospital stays, surgery and more after a deductible is met.

Some plans offer doctor office copays for primary care and Urgent Care. Each plan also includes coinsurance, which is the portion an insured is required to pay after the deductible is met.

It is important to review the Plan Details and understand full services provided, coinsurance out-of-pocket maximums, exclusions and limitations.

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Short-term health plans are temporary coverage that can offer financial protection for medical services such as doctor office visits, emergency room visits, hospital stays and more. Short term medical plans can be a flexible option for individuals in an employer waiting period, between jobs or individuals who missed the open enrollment period.

Fixed benefit medical is health insurance without a deductible. Traditional health insurance makes you pay most medical expenses out-of-pocket until you reach a certain deductible amount. Fixed benefit medical has removed the deductible barrier. Instead, you get fixed cash benefits for doctor office visits, hospital stays, lab work and more. And by working with an added benefit of a patient advocate, you know exactly what services are going to cost before going to the doctor.

  • No health insurance deductible owed.
  • Know what you will have to pay before any healthcare service.
  • Get a flat cash payment for services to handle medical bills OR lost income.
  • Let a healthcare professional negotiate your final medical bill.
  • Monthly premium rate stability year over year.

It is important to know short term medical health plans are not required to meet the essential standards of the Affordable Care Act, and in some states, the length of a policy might be limited according to state-specific rules. Pre-existing conditions are also not initially covered by short term health insurance, and companies are allowed to ask medical questions in order to qualify an individual for coverage.

In most states, pre-existing conditions diagnosed within the past 5 years are generally not covered under this plan. However, qualifying conditions you develop throughout the year while insured by a short-term plan could be covered. Certain exclusions apply. See plan details for more information

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